Software Development:

Yatary - Better Decisions

  • Yatary is like a social decision network that connects people to other people to get their opinions on any decision and the choices. They can also suggest choices not already on your list. Development framework: CodeIgniter and responsive design.

Actividades, Materiales y Estrategias, disciplina, miedos, seguridad, manejo-de-berrinches

  • ActiviBox is a community of specialists dedicated to providing multiple activities, materials and strategies proven through years of experience, to support skills areas associated with attention, impulse control, behavior and learning. These resources are designed to enhance the capabilities of all children and youth in the areas mentioned, and for the treatment of problems associated with ADHD / ADD, dyslexia and learning disabilities, among others. It is a CMS and is based on a monthly suscription. It is connected with Paypal Pro.
Pathfinder - Custom Decision System

Pathfinder – Custom Decision System

  • Help customers chose your products or services in the way they think, in their language, using an intuitive, simple, web-based decision system. Development framework: Ruby on Rails. Main features: interactive experience using Ajax, client-side scripting for not reloading the main page. A simple RestFul web services were developed in order to connect mobile iPhone and BB applications.


  • Free SEO Analysis tool for community of internet marketing professionals. The application has two main modules: SEO analysis tool and SEO community of experts. Development framework: CakePHP. Based on simple Rest design allows the use of named URLs and easy development of web services. The user sessions were connected with WordPress in order to create a more complete community.
Let Simon Decide - Decisions made easy

Let Simon Decide – Decisions made easy

  • Let Simon Decide allows users to select from a list of Simon’s decisions or to create their own unique decision. Users can rate the outcome of their decisions and publish a summary of their decision with the community, as well as browse through the decisions of others. Development Framework: Ruby on Rails. Based on REST design with well named URLs. It provides a set of Web Services based on RestFul for a free iPhone application. The user sessions were connected with WordPress in order to allow the user to navigate between the application and Simon’s blog. A Facebook integration was developed for letting the user to use the same facebook user inside Let Simon Decide application.
Intranet WorkSpace

Intranet WorkSpace – for small companies

  • Intranet WorkSpace allows small companies to create an intranet for centralize the company information. Some collaborative modules were developes: news, happy birthdays, notifications. Development framework: Propietary one based on PHP. An installation wizard was developed too.
VIANet SiteManager

VIANet SiteManager – for big companies

  • VIANet SiteManager was created for a easy creation of Intranets, Extranets or Corporate Portals. Some of the developed modules were: users, permissions, modules or external applications, collaborative, documents/folders, forms, triggers and notifications. the Home Page is composed by widgets and is totally configurable, it could include information of any module. An important integration modules was created in order to allow the conectivity with some traditional corporate systems: LDAP, StarDesk, QueryxSRH, SRF, SAP, KACTUS – Adam. Develoment Framework: Propietary one based on PHP. Core DB module that supports Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Postgress and MySQL.