• Make Better Decisions
    Make Better Decisions
    CodeIgniter PHP application - uses FaceBook connect.
  • An online decision making system based on decision science
    An online decision making system based on decision science
    Ruby on Rails. Based on REST design with well named URLs. It provides a set of Web Services based on RestFul for a free iPhone application.
  • Free SEO Analysis tool for community of internet marketing professionals.
    Free SEO Analysis tool for community of internet marketing professionals.
    CakePHP application. Based on REST design. Integrated with wordpress
  • PathFinder Technology
    PathFinder Technology
    Ruby on Rails application. Uses DHTML and Ajax for its GUI. RESTful design.
  • ActiviBox - Ideas que ayudan
    ActiviBox - Ideas que ayudan
    Ejercicios y estrategias para T.D.A.H. (A.D.H.D), aprendizaje, memoria, y más... Video-actividades para mejorar el desempeño de niños y jóvenes

Profile / Perfil

PMP certified (2012). Since 2000 I have been working in software engineering, and Web Applications development, and since 2009 in Project Management and Quality Management Systems implementation. I have worked on several IT companies and consulting in R&D projects.

Certifacada PMP (2012). Desde el 2000 he trabajado en ingeniería de software y desarrollo de aplicaciones Web. Desde el 2009 he trabajo en Gestión de Proyectos e implementación de sistemas de Gestión de Calidad. He trabajado en compañías de TI y como consultora de proyectos de I+D

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Projects / Proyectos

Realtime Data - Datos en tiempo real

ActiviBox.com (portal)

Registered users: 28991
Published TDAH resources: 420

PathFinder (SaaS)

Total products configured: 2580
Total Suggestions: 200578

LetSimonDecide.com (web app)

Registered users: 45674
Decisions: 54488

Broadcast zone

The architectures evolution become from monolithic to service oriented. Nowadays, we can include resource oriented architecture into the architectures evolution diagram. Service and resource oriented architectures offer the possibility to implement and develop application under heterogeneity (low coupling), interoperability (protocol transparency), changing requirements handle and distribution (distribution transparency). A main difference between components and services is that applications based on components are more static than applications based on services. Services are commonly implemented under remote procedure calls principles. Whilst, resources are sources of specific information and are invoked by its URIs

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